CNC metal machining

We offer professional metal machining. This service includes milling, drilling, turning and grinding.

produkcja balustrad przemysłowych

Metalworking based on our designs or those supplied by the customer

We manufacture products to individual customer specifications as well as in series. We work with both large companies and smaller customers. Thanks to our extensive machinery park – numerical turning and milling centres – we manufacture even the most complex components.

produkcja zbiorników nierdzewnych
produkcja zbiorników nierdzewnych

High-quality products

Quality is definitely something that sets us apart. We rely exclusively on proven materials, and our products meet all requirements. It has also been appreciated abroad – we have been providing services and supplying foreign customers for years.

CNC machining – development and knowledge

Top-level service provision is a priority for us — we rely on state-of-the-art numerically controlled equipment, constantly invest in innovative technology solutions and employee training to meet the demands of the industry, and, above all, our customers.

produkcja zbiorników nierdzewnych

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