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Aluminium welding

We are engaged in professional aluminium processing. We manufacture metal details and components – also upon our customers’ orders.

TIG and MIG aluminium welding

Aluminium’s advantage lies definitely in its lightweight, combined with its high strength. However, it is important to consider that welding aluminium is a demanding task – the reaction of the metal with oxygen, which occurs during the welding of aluminium, may cause defects in the weld. At Gonstal, we possess appropriate technological knowledge, qualified staff and professional equipment, so welding aluminium has no secrets for us.
produkcja zbiorników nierdzewnych
produkcja zbiorników nierdzewnych

Aluminium welding – our offer

At Gonstal we make:
  • aluminium profiles
  • aluminium systems
  • aluminium structures
  • aluminium accessories

Highest quality at an affordable price

The access to state-of-the-art technology and an extensive machinery park allows us to optimise our production costs. As a result, we can offer you top-quality aluminium systems, profiles and structures at competitive prices.

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