Industrial pipelines

We build energy to heat, process and industrial pipelines, as well as thermal and technological installations.

Power hydraulics and pneumatics

We carry out power hydraulics and pneumatic installations. We also deal with the installation of measurement equipment.

Stainless steel structures

We manufacture stainless and acid-resistant steel structures. We create structures based either on our designs or specifications delivered by the Customer.

Steel structures – manufacturing

We are a manufacturer of steel structures. We pay attention to each production stage and use modern technologies, thanks to which our products are safe and durable.

Steel tanks

We specialise in steel tank production and assembly.

Aluminium welding

We are engaged in professional aluminium processing. We manufacture metal details and components – also upon our customers’ orders

CNC metal machining

We offer professional metal machining. This service includes milling, drilling, turning and grinding.

Metal forming

We undertake steel and metal modification using metal forming. We carry out each order with precision and following customer specifications.

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